Squad Telekom

Founded in 2021, Squad Telekom has swiftly emerged as a dynamic player in the communication industry. Beginning with our flagship voice services, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize business interactions. Today, we proudly offer an extensive suite of solutions, including cutting-edge voice and SMS services, alongside innovative software offerings. With a commitment to excellence, Squad Telekom continues to shape the landscape of modern communication, connecting businesses globally with seamless, efficient, and strategic solutions.

Squad Telekom – Linking Possibilities, Enriching the World

At Squad Telekom, our comprehensive voice services encompass NCLI, CLI, TDM, and direct routes, ensuring high-quality communication experiences. Our Call Center solutions span across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, boasting competitive rates and excellent call back functionality. In the realm of SMS, we provide a spectrum of options, from wholesale SMS to SMS API integration, along with OTP/A2P messaging solutions.

As part of our commitment to delivering holistic communication solutions, we’ve developed cutting-edge software offerings. Our Rates Management System streamlines processes, while our Ticketing System enhances customer support efficiency. Additionally, our SMS Switch optimizes messaging capabilities.

From inception, Squad Telekom has consistently grown to provide exceptional voice, SMS, and software solutions, catering to diverse client needs across global markets.